What are the goals of a water school?

As presented above, the ability of students to learn can be affected negatively by drinking too little. Minor deficiencies can already reduce cognitive functions. For that reason, water schools support regular drinking of water throughout the whole school day.

It is not only essential to drink sufficient amounts of fluid but also to choose the right kind of drink. In water schools the children are allowed to drink water at all time while sweetened drinks are not permitted. To waiver soft drinks and other sweetened drinks is supposed to help reducing or preventing overweight in children of young age.

By providing personal and reusable cups, glasses and bottles combined with the usage of tab water, waste products like water bottles can be reduced significantly. That way water schools contribute to protecting the environment. From an economic point of view, drinking tab water is almost cost free in comparison to bottled water.

Summary of the goals of a water school:

  • Reduce the consumption of sweetened drinks
  • Help to reduce or prevent overweight and obesity of children  
  • Reduction of waste by providing reusable water bottles and cups for the students
  • Cost reduction, as tab water in comparison to bottled water is almost free
  • Help the students to hydrate regularly and thereby increase their energy level and ability to learn

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